At River Church Birmingham, we believe the local church is the training institution for Kingdom workers. We believe the Kingdom of God refers to God's sphere of influence. It is eternal and is manifested in time by varying degrees according to God's purpose and human cooperation. The Kingdom was best exhibited by Jesus of Nazareth. His chosen followers, His choice and theirs, were personally trained by Him to expand God's influence around the world. The church was established to continue that program. The ministry of Jesus is the standard as we, His body, work together.

Believers should find their place in the church according to their gifting, and minister in the kingdom according to their calling. We are all equal in importance, not in gifts and calling. Other faith based movements were established according to individuals operating properly in their calling. These movements came about because the church did its job, not because the church failed!

It is all about God!! He is the Creator, Sustainer and final Judge of all things. Because of that, we value WORSHIP, His WORD and His WORKS. We want to be intimate with Him in worship, formed by His word, and be involved in what He is doing!

We design our services with all of these in mind; being God focused more than seeker focused!

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